The aim of my research is to improve the efficiency of turbomachinery used for power generation and propulsion, reducing both economic and environmental costs. Investigation of the physics involved in such turbomachinery brings new understanding, which is then used to guide the design of future, more efficient machines. What makes this field appealing to me is the rigorous thermodynamic and fluid-mechanic analyisis of realistic, industrial problems.


  • Brind, J., and Pullan, G., "Effect of Blade Row Interaction on Rotor Film Cooling". ASME Paper No. GT2019-90961. To be presented at the ASME Turbo Expo 2019. Recommended for publication in the Journal of Turbomachinery.
  • Grimshaw, S.D., Brind, J., Pullan, G., and Seki, R., "Loss in Axial Compressor Bleed Systems". ASME Paper No. GT2019-90150. To be presented at the ASME Turbo Expo 2019.

Research interests

  • Turbine heat transfer, including film cooling and rim seals
  • Reduced-order methods for turbomachinery and gas turbine system design and modelling
  • High-fidelity computational fluid dynamics for practical industrial flows
  • Axial compressor and turbine aerodynamics